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You don't have the time to maintain your items on gruuna? Simply use our item entering service.

gruuna short and simple:

  • 1. What is gruuna?

    gruuna is the trading platform for agriculture, where farmers, producers, merchants and trade representatives meet to market their goods. There are no fixed costs on gruuna, but we offer you a sophisticated security concept and contact with numerous interested parties.

    All of this is linked to an agricultural market on the Internet, where supply and demand are brought together and all members are able to directly interact with each other.

  • 2. What does gruuna cost me?

    There are no running costs on gruuna. Neither for the registration, nor for setting up articles any fees are charged. Only in the case of a successful sale is a mediation fee of 1.53% based of the net value calculated. Fees are usually paid by the seller. If you decide to use the option "Safe trading" the fee is 1,71 %.

  • 3. What trade options do I have on gruuna?

    Fixed price trading - The most basic form of trading. The seller sets up his article with amount and properties for a fixed price.

    Price offer - If you are not sure at what price you want to sell, this format gives you the opportunity to have a price suggested and react to the offer.

  • 4.What is a price offer?

    gruuna is a trading platform. You can also offer wares without fixed prices here, this trading format is called “Price offer” and can be applied stand-alone or in addition to specified fixed prices. A trading partner can react to your offer within 72 hours by accepting it, rejecting it, or replying with a counter offer.

  • 5. What is "Safe trading"?

    While setting up a new article you can choose the option “Safe trading”. Once activated you include a legal expenses and transport insurance into your offer.

    What will be replaced in case of damage?

    • Loss or damage to the goods during transportation
    • Losses resulting from fraud, embezzlement or embezzlement during transport
    • Costs resulting from disputes arising from the trading process
  • 6. Who is responsible for transport of the item after the successful completion of the trade?

    You can decide whether or not you would like to offer the transport for the product. If a prospective buyer opens your article, he or she can immediately recognize whether or not you want to do so. Since these settings are already defined when the article is set up, the effort for both trading partners is already known before the contract is concluded.

  • 7. At what company size can I use gruuna? Is gruuna also feasible for small businesses?

    It is worthwhile for every agricultural enterprise to buy or sell on gruuna. Also small businesses, which are in coops or independent, can register on gruuna and trade on the agricultural online marketplace. You can also save money when trading in small volumes because you will reach more trade partners through our market.

  • 8. Set up your own shop on gruuna!

    Present your company as a shop on gruuna. You have the option of offering a wide range of products in your own shop on gruuna - world-wide. The efficient shop functions let you optimise your sales and support you in reaching your customers.

    Your advantages:

    • You can set up your shop in just a few minutes
    • You individually assign your categories
    • Special shop advertisement and promotion
    • No additional costs arise for you
  • 9. How am I being verified as customer by gruuna?

    When registering, please send evidence of your professional business operations to us, for example membership in a professional association or a copy of the entry in the commercial register. We will verify this evidence and call you personally to confirm your identity. After successful verification and confirmation we will activate your account for trading on gruuna.

  • 10. I have a further question...

    Send us your questions using this form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

    Alternatively, you can also use the support link at the bottom right of your browser window or simply call us at: +49 371 33717193.

Video tour through gruuna:

Nifty tips & tricks:

Describe in detail

A precise and clear description is always helpful for improved product presentation. An interesting item description and information about the condition of the item and special offers help to promote the item.

Highlight properties

Special characteristics and properties should be immediately apparent. The more precisely your article template is selected in step 1 of the creating trade process, the more features you will get in the second step.

The trade type "Offer price"

Some customers would like to negotiate the price before buying the product. The trading format "Price Offer" allows this and can be used individually or together with the fixed price format.

Shipping and loading

Provide accurate shipping information, e.g. whether you accept the shipping and the associated costs as well as pallet deposit, island surcharges and other additional options. In case of transnational trading please ensure completeness and pay attention to the language selection.

Simple and easy international trade

International trade quick and easy. Offer your products internationally and extend your group of buyers without additional costs. Please adjust your transport costs accordingly when entering your items.

Keep communication alive

An experienced seller should always remain in contact with (potential) buyers, also, after conclusion of a contract. Communication is vital to the entire trade.

The active request

Use the possibility of the sales variants, for example for different sizes, colors and other article properties.

Accept transport

Please indicate if you deliver or pick up the item when entering your trade process. Your offer will be more attractive for your trading partner when you are in charge of transport.

Read more than the title

Read more than just the title: In the item description you will find details concerning the condition of the item (used, new) or specifics regarding payment methods.

Correct search

Use the search field to find your desired article or simply browse through the categories.

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