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Our help section is being reworked at the moment! Until this work is completed you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not among them, simply send us a message using the form below and we will contact you.

Frequently asked questions
  • What do I have to pay for gruuna?

    There are no running costs on gruuna. Neither the registration, nor the placing of articles are charged. Only in the case of a successful sale a mediation fee of 1.53% of the net amount will be calculated. The charges are borne by the seller. If you decide to use the "Safe trading" option, the fee is 1.71%.

  • Which types of trade can I use on gruuna?

    Fixed price sale - The simplest form of trading. The seller sets up his article with its amount, properties and a fixed price amount.

    Price offer - If you are unsure about the price you want to sell your article for, this trading format will give you the opportunity to receive price proposals from potential trading partners.

  • What is a price offer?

    gruuna is a trading platform - so you simply trade. On you can also offer your products without specifying a fixed price. This type of trading format is called the "Price offer" and can also be selected in addition to fixed prices. A trading partner can accept, reject or respond to an offer within 72 hours.

  • What is "Safe trading"?

    While setting up a new article you can choose the option “Safe trading”. Once activated you include a legal expenses and transport insurance into your offer.

    What will be replaced in case of damage?

    • Loss or damage to the goods during transportation
    • Losses resulting from fraud, embezzlement or embezzlement during transport
    • Costs resulting from disputes arising from the trading process
  • What terms and conditions apply?

    The seller of an article decides which terms and conditions the trade should underlie. There are three different options:

    • The use of the gruuna terms and conditions. These were specially created and tested for online trading.
    • The use of the sellers own terms and conditions. The conditions are recorded in a specially filed document.
    • Without special terms and conditions. Only the statutory provisions apply.

    The buyer declares his agreement with the respective deposited terms and conditions.

  • Who is responsible for the shipping of the article after a trade?

    You can decide whether or not you would like to offer the transport for the product. If a prospective buyer opens your article, he or she can immediately recognize whether or not you want to do so. Since these settings are already defined when the article is set up, the effort for both trading partners is already known before the contract is concluded.

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