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Item number: 69943
Lieferzeit: 4 - 5 Werktage
Weight: ca. 1,73 kg
Bolzen 34.92mm Länge 122.42mm Brennkammertiefe 20.01mm

Passend für:
Deutz-Fahr (Agricultural Tractor - D06 Series): D2506, D3006, D4006, D4506, D5006, D5206, D5506, D6006, D6206, D6806, D7006, D7206, D8006
Deutz-Fahr (Agricultural Tractor - D07 Series): D2807, D3607, D4007, D4507, D4807, D5207, D6207, D6507, D6807, D6907, D7007, D7207
Deutz-Fahr (Agricultural Tractor - DX Series): DX110
Deutz-Fahr (Agricultural Tractor - DX3 Series): DX3.10, DX3.60, DX3.65, DX3.70
Deutz-Fahr (Agricultural Tractor - DX4 Series): DX4.10
Deutz-Fahr (Agricultural Tractor - DX6 Series): DX6.05, DX6.10
Deutz-Fahr (Agricultural Tractor - DXab Series): DXab85, DXab90
Deutz-Fahr (Agricultural Tractor - Intrac Series): Intrac 2002, Intrac 2003, Intrac 2004
Fendt (Agricultural Tractor - Farmer 200 Series): 200 S, 200 SA, 200 V, 200 VA, 201 S, 201 SA, 203 P, 203 PA, 203 V, 203 VA, 204 P, 204 PA, 204 V, 204 VA, 240 S, 250 K, 250 KA, 250 LE, 250 S, 250 SA, 260 P, 260 PA, 260 S, 260 SA, 270 P, 270 PA, 275 SA, 275 V, 275 VA
Fendt (Agricultural Tractor - GT200 Series): 220 GT
Fendt (Agricultural Tractor - GT300 Series): 345 GT, 365 GTA, 370 GT, 390 GTA
Fendt (Orchard Tractor - Farmer 200 Series): 280 P, 280 PA
Fendt (Vineyard Tractor - Farmer 200 Series): 250 V, 250 VA, 260 V, 260 VA, 270 V, 270 VA

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